What can you do to change?

The problem goes deeper than a few bad apples, the truth is the entire system is broken and never worked. Proof is that if just one person within the system fails to do their job ethically or honesty the entire process fails. It’s similar to the problem in our court system today. The system instantly fails us when a judge ignores evidence, witness statements or law. From that moment on the bad influence builds it’s case against the system and justice.

Police brutality is a preventable cause of death that does not burden all racial groups equally. That is clear. When stories like that of Jordan Edwards make the morning news, we should force ourselves to reckon with the harsh reality that another life has ended. Given past is often prologue, we will soon see reports that justify his murder. Why was he at a party — he was only 15!  Were they backing up or going forward? And we will twist as spectators find ways to justify that another family is ripped apart and that as a nation, we have lost.

Time to stop the twisting in search of an answer that really lies in a  preventable cause of death. One that makes us all uncomfortable to address — racism.

The deaths of unarmed black men highlight broader racial issues reflected in police-public relations that we have not quite addressed in the U.S. These issues create inequities in health, well-being and in productivity. To address police brutality and limit its impact, we must focus upstream.


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