R. Gettinger

After almost a decade working at one of the Big 3 Cities in LE it was obvious respect for law and ethics was a major problem. In fact top management during my stint were removed for corruption. What the public does not know is anyone can get hired, anyone. Police hide behind an image, the badge, fancy uniform, title or history of what police represent. The fact is it’s the person that counts and more often than less you can’t trust the person wearing the title or badge. So who do you turn to when you see wrong? The problem with good officers is getting involved means getting demoted, fired or even injured. The fact that our courts are in bed with LE the public can’t trust any prosecution of police. Nor can the public rely on police to prosecute judges or lawyers because they’re all in bed with each other. Even officers you once worked with and built some respect will turn on you if you become a whistleblower. Honestpolice.org is a move in the right direction.

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