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Why it's so rare for police to be prosecuted for killing civilians Good Cops Arrest Bad Cop Abusing His Power A New Study Reveals Police Are Rarely Prosecuted In Civil Rights Violations CHP Officer Arrests Firefighter and Gets Sued for Civil Rights Violation The LAPD Rampart Scandal American Justice Cops on Trial

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Alex Salazar X LAPD

Videos Former LAPD Officer Speaks Out on Police Brutality ALEX SALAZAR, FORMER LAPD MNOO#3 with guest Alex Salazar Ex LAPD Ex-LAPD officer Alex Salazar visits research group at UCLA ALEX SALAZAR, FORMER LAPD EliteTVNews: Crimes of Police (Police Brutality) COP$: HOSTED BY DAN PETRY: EPISODE 8

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David C. Couper Chief

Videos Apology the Way Forward for Police: Chief David C. Couper Chief David C. Couper on policing Improving Our Police: Chief David C. Couper Former Madison police chief: 'Stop the killing' Retired Madison police chief says department is connected to the community

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